"Meteor Garden" TV Series Soundtrack
꽃보다 남자

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Also Known As:流星花園, 花より男子, Liu Xing Hua Yuan, Boys Before Flowers, Boys Over Flowers, Orange Boy
Director:Tsai Chi-Ping
Country of Origin:Taiwan
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jan 10, 2003
Product Made In:South Korea
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01 컴퓨터 파일 Format Data, Not Playble
02 샨차이와 레이의 주제곡 / 마틴 Perfect Moment "유성화원" 버전 뮤직비디오
03 샨챠이와 따오밍스의 이야기 하일라이트 / 배경음악 - Penny Tai / The Love You Want

04 따오밍스 상심의 노래 - Love Of My Life / Queen
05 [유성화원] 서곡 - 사랑할 수 밖에 없었어 / 유징경
06 [유성화원] 한국어 버전 주제가 - 꽃보다 남자 (Rock Version) / 김연우
07 산차이와 레이의 노래 - Perfect Moment / Martine Mccutheon
08 레이의 성공 - And I Love You So / Don Mclean
09 고백 - I Love You, Honestly I Love You / Olivia Newton-John
10 따오밍스의 첫사랑 행진곡 - When You`Re In Love With A Beautiful Woman Dr. Hook
11 시먼의 약속 - Loving You / Minnie Ripperton
12 난 잡초같은 산차이 - Never Surrender / Corey Hart
13 바이 바이! 레이 - Almost Over You / Shenna Easton
14 산차이의 상심의 노래 - Settling / Tara Mclean
15 이별 - I`Ll Never Fall In Love Again / Emma
16 유성 목걸이 - 유성 / 정균
17 [유성화원] 주제곡, 엔딩곡 - 네가 원하는 사람 / 재폐니
18 [유성화원] 한국어 버전 엔딩곡 - 꽃보다 남자 (Ballad Version) / 김연우
About Meteor Garden TV Series
Duration : 19 Episodes [@75 minutes]

Meteor Garden was released in 2001 based on japanese manga titled "Hana Yori Dango". The producer [Chai Zhi Ping] who was really interested on that manga, determined to make the tv series version. And so she searched for the right boys to play as the member of F4. With hard efforts from different kind of places, she managed to collect Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vaness Wu to play the drama which will then given the titled "Liu Xing Hua Yuan [Meteor Garden]".

The success of the drama has made the F4 as one of the famous music group in the year and they made the album "Meteor Rain" even before they finished the drama.

Meteor Garden is a story about a poor and tough girl San Chai [Barbie Hsu] who study in the Ing Te university which is the university for rich people founded and funded by the F4's family. No one in university could be safe if mess up with F4 which consists of the leader Tao Ming Se [Jerry Yen], the calm and serious Hua Ce Lei [Vic Zhou Yu Ming], the playboy Xi Men [Ken Zhu], and the party freaks Mei Zhuo [Vanness Wu]. San Chai used to be brave and protected for her friends, but since in the university, she managed to stay away from trouble even if it's against her heart. Until someday she couldn't help herself on defending her best friend in the university who was accidentally made the leader of F4 : Tao Ming Se mad. Coz of that, she got the F4's red tag "You'll be dead" which make her life so miserable. But she is the wildgrass "San Chai", so she didn't want to just give up. She even declares war with F4.
When San Chai is being punished by Tao Ming Se by sending people to disturb her, Hua Ce Lei always comes out to help her. And this made San Chai has a crush for Hua Ce Lei. But Hua Ce Lei is already giving his heart for his older friend of his childhood Tan Teng Cing (An Tin). Things turn to be more complicated when Tao Ming Se falls in love to San Chai.