Farewell My Darling

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Director:Park Chul-Soo(a)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitle:no available
Release Date:Jan 01, 1997
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1

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About Farewell My Darling
As old man park of country side dies, his first son Chan-Wu, a film director, and his troublesome daughter Mi-Seon hurriedly come back to hometown and third son Chan-Se come back to Korea from America. As quiet country village becomes suddenly busy preparing funeral, the house in mourning becomes a meeting place where villagers gather to ask how they are getting along and meet old friends. The children cry out sorrowing over their father's death and above all Mi-Seon, who troubled parents, doesn't stop crying eating her heart out most bitterly. Chan-Wu, the chief mourner, recognizes his father's death as a panorama according to his job while Chan-Se sings hymns with high tone during confucious funeral service. Moreover old man Park's sister sells insurance products and gradually the funeral service becomes for the living rather then the dead.

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