Bad Love TV Series Soundtrack (2CD)

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Also Known As:Cruel Love, Mistake of Love, Wretched Love, Screwed-Up Love
Director:Kwon Gye-Hong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Dec 21, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

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Disc. 1
못된 사랑
가슴이 슬퍼
말없이 울더라도
그리움도 사랑 같아서
그대는 바람
내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original version)
中毒 (중독)
천상의 왈츠
내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original version)
내 사랑이야

Disc. 2
Incomplete Love (못된 사랑 Prologue)
Wound of Mind (마음의 상처)
가슴에서 지워요 (Accordion solo version)
Love of Loneliness (고독한 사랑)
A Tear Waltz (눈물의 왈츠)
가슴이 슬퍼 (Orchestra version)
Found Memory (즐거운 기억)
가슴에서 지워요 (Flute Orchestra version)
Severe love (지독한 사랑)
Incomplete Karma (나쁜 인연)
그리움도 사랑 같아서 (A.Guitar Version)
Afraid love (두려운 사랑)
A tear of Heart (가슴속에 눈물)
Non Same love (불같은 사랑)
About Bad Love TV Series
Broadcast: December 3, 2007 ~ February 12, 2008
Episodes: 20

They say there is nothing else you could wish for as long as you are in love. But people tend to expect quite a lot from those they love. They say pride does not matter when you are in love, but many lovers break up because their self-esteem is hurt. They say love alone will do when you are in love, but we eventually keep turning our eyes to the demands of reality. They say love has no reasons, but people always love for a reason. Maybe that’s why God bestowed love to humans as the biggest punishment for their greed. A bad and wicked love…

Kwon Sang-woo as Kang Yong-ki: A wayward guy who is an illegitimate son of a conglomerate owner and who never received love as a child. He becomes a pop artist, because art is the only way for him to express his feelings. He falls in love with another artist named Joanne but they break up due to her father’s opposition, leaving Yong-ki devastated to the very bottom of his heart. While feeling guilty for the breakup, Yong-ki meets In-jung and after much bickering falls for her confident personality but their relationship is hampered by In-jung’s first love, Su-hwan. Believing that his unhappiness is due to his kind heart, Yong-ki decides to protect his love by all means.

Lee Yo-won as Na In-jung: A beautiful and graceful cellist, In-jung stakes her everything on her first love, Su-hwan. She loves him even though she knows he is married but he coldheartedly breaks up with her. She does her best to get over him, believing that her suffering is a punishment for stealing another woman’s husband. Five years later she meets Yong-ki, a sad-looking guy who keeps running into her. The two eventually fall in love but their relationship is shattered when Su-hwan shows up one day.

Kim Sung-soo as Lee Su-hwan: Ambitious and eager to succeed, this man ties the knot with the daughter of a conglomerate owner to gain control of the company but their married life is miserable. To make things worse, he sees a rival in Yong-ki, the illegitimate son of his father-in-law. He falls in love with In-jung at first sight, but reality forces him to abandon her. However, he can never forget her for teaching him what genuine happiness and love is. He attempts to make her his woman again believing that he is the only one who can make her happy.