Firework TV Series Box Set (Taiwan Version) (6discs)

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Product Information
Director:Jeong Eul-Young
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Language:Korean, Mandarin
Subtitles:Traditional Chinese
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:Jan 08, 2007
Publisher:Horng En Culture
Product Made In:Taiwan
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Region Code: All, NTSC
Single Side Dual Layer
Runtime: 1912mins

Total 32 episodes

About Firework TV Series
32 episodes
On Air: 2.2.2000 ~ 18.5.2000

Marrying the perfect guy is every woman's dream, but more often than not, it's just wishful thinking. Ji Hyun (Lee Young Ae of Dae Jang Geum) is a young and talented screenwriter with a family-approved marriage on the cards. Her fiance might be rich and love her but he's also a chauvinist and not willing to let go of family traditions, even if that means making Ji Hyun happy. Driven to her limits by the situation, Ji Hyun leaves for Thailand on a vacation, where she meets Kang Wook (Cha In Pyo of Hanbando and The Great White Tower), a surgeon who is about to marry his first love. The two have a one night stand, and return to their respective unhappy relationships. But they keep thinking about that night, when Firework went off.
Called the Queen of Korean Dramas, writer Kim Soo Hyun earned that label in the last 40 years, with one hit after another. When she was working solely for MBC in the 80s, her dramas reached unbelievable ratings, like an average rating of 70% for Love and Ambition in 1986. When she left MBC in the early 90s, she continued the trend at KBS and SBS, with such hits as Bathhouse People, Trap of Youth, and more recently the remake of her own Love and Ambition. Firework is a unique drama, as it was actually more popular outside Korea, particularly in Taiwan and Singapore. The show made Cha In Pyo a Korean Wave star, and continued Lee Young Ae's gradual unstoppable rise to stardom.