Blue Swallow Soundtrack - Lee Seung-Chul

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Also Known As:Chongyon, Cheung Yeon, 靑燕
Director:Yun Jong-Chan
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Dec 23, 2005
Publisher:T Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 서쪽하늘 - 이승철
2. 그냥 그렇게
3. 너의 곁으로
4. Too Young To Love
5. 말리꽃
6. 넌 또 다른 나
7. 인연
8. 달은 해가 꾸는 꿈
9. 그대가 나에게
10. 서쪽 하늘 (Inst.)