Diary of June Soundtrack
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Also Known As:Bystander
Director:Im Gyeong-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Dec 07, 2005
Publisher:CJ Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. Knock Out - M.A.R.S. (Eric, 도현)
2. Is This The End - Eric, Min * 타이틀
3. Stand by us
4. Title - Pain
5. capsure
6. 단서
7. 살인의 낙인
8. 추론
9. 낯선 아이
10. 단서
11. 슬픈재회
12. 6 guys were killed
13. sad situation
14. 달콤한 인생
15. untold story
16. 예고
17. 슬픈폐가
18. 잠복
19. 살인일기
20. 절망
21. 비밀의 화원
22. Continued Murder
23. La Strada
24. 서글픈 회상
25. 유령
26. Missing In Rain
27. 화해
28. 돌이킬수 없는
29. 진실
31. Credit - Rush
About Diary of June
Two boys from the same school are murdered. In their stomachs there are capsules containing scraps from a diary that describe the next victims. Suspecting there might be the possibility that a killer is at the same school, Ja-young, with her partner Dong-wook search the school to find identical handwriting that matches that of the diary excerpts. When they finally find the matching one, they're told that Jin-mo, the student who wrote the text, has died already in a car accident one month previous. As Ja-young and Dong-wook discover Jin-mo's secret diary, more clues are revealed concerning the next victim. They also discover that Jin-mo was bullied by his schoolmates, and that there is a darker secret to be revealed.
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