Spring Waltz TV Series Classical Soundtrack (2CD)
봄의 왈츠

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Director:Yun Seok-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Apr 18, 2006
Publisher:Seoul Records
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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CD 1
01 Spring Waltz(Yiruma(이루마))
02 Day Dream(박종훈)
03 Sunday Afternoon Waltz(박종훈)
04 Dreaming Island’S Story - 섬의 이야기 (Clarinet Solo By Hee Jeong Lucia Kye)(Yiruma(이루마))
05 Lost In Island - 잃어버린 섬 (Piano Version)(Yiruma(이루마))
06 Vivace - Broken Blossoms(Yiruma(이루마))
07 Clementine - To My Little Angel I(Yiruma(이루마))
08 Before Stars Sleeping - 별이 지기 전에(Yiruma(이루마))
09 I Think You Love Me(박종훈)
10 Autumn-Colored Spring I - 가을을 닮은 봄 I (Guitar Solo By Minseok Kim)(Yiruma(이루마))
11 A Sad Motive(박종훈)
12 Autumn-Colored Spring Ii - 가을을 닮은 봄 Ii (Piano & Guitar Version)(Yiruma(이루마))
13 Men'S Tears(박종훈)
14 Lost In Island - 잃어버린 섬 (String Version, Cello By Huh Yun Jung)(Yiruma(이루마))
15 Silence(박종훈)
16 너의 뒷모습(박종훈)
17 Clementine - To My Little Ange Li(Yiruma(이루마))
18 Guten Morgen(박종훈)
19 Spring Waltz (String Version, Clarinet By Hee Jeong Lucia Kye)(Yiruma(이루마))
20 [Bonus Track] Clementine - To My Little Ange Lii(Yiruma(이루마))
21 [Bonus Track] Lost In Island - 잃어버린 섬 (Free Version)(Yiruma(이루마))

CD 2
01 Chopin Nocturne In C # Minor (쇼팽 녹턴 C#단조)
02 Schumann Humoreske (슈만 유모레스크 도입부)
03 Chopin Waltz In B Minor (쇼팽 왈츠 B단조)
04 Chopin Prelude In E Minor, Op.28-4 (쇼팽 프렐류드 E단조 작품 28-4)
05 Chopin Etude In E Major, Op.10-3 (쇼팽 에튀드 E장조 작품 10-3 '이별의 노래')
06 Tchaikovsky 'Autumn Song' (차이코프스키 '가을의 노래')
07 Chopin Nocturne In E♭Major, Op.9-2 (쇼팽 녹턴 E♭장조 작품 9-2)
08 Chopin Etude In E♭Minor, Op.10-6 (쇼팽 에튀드 E♭단조 작품 10-6)
09 Chopin Prelude In D♭Major, Op.28-15 (쇼팽 프렐류드 D♭장조 작품 28-15 '빗방울')
10 Tchaikovsky Nocturne In C# Minor (차이코프스키 녹턴 C# 단조)
About Spring Waltz TV Series
"Spring Waltz" is the fourth and final installment of Yoon Suk Ho's season drama series. The first drama was Autumn Tale, followed by Winter Sonata and Summer Scent.

In order to escape debts, Lee Su-ho and his father run away to the family's home town, a small island isolated from the rest of the world. While Su-ho's father goes on a short trip, he leaves his son under a friend's care. Afraid his father would not come back, Su-ho begins collecting money to buy his own boat ticket. However, his plans change after befriending Suh Eun-young, the father's friend's daughter. Eun-young was born with a sickness and spent most of her childhood at home. She constantly prays to make a friend, and she finds this friendship in Su-ho. It is at this time that Su-ho's father returns from his trip. It is then revealed that surgery is needed to cure Eun-young's sickness. The money saved by Eun-young and her mother, however, is stolen by Su-ho's dad as he, once again, runs away to Seoul, casting a blanket of doubt and mistrust over Su-ho's character. Still, Eun-young believes in her friend and "oppa" and they continue to care for each other.

However, after a tragic accident, Su-ho takes up an offer with two wealthy people, who agree to pay for Eun-young's surgery, under the condition that they get to take him in as their son. Eun-young and Su-ho then separate without goodbyes... and see nothing of each other until fifteen years later, when they are known as Park Eun-young and Yoon Jae-ha. The plot is then thickened, with the added prescence of Phillip, the half-Korean who's popular with the ladies, and Song Lee-na, who is Jae-ha's childhood friend. In the midst of a complex love triangle and Jae-ha's stubborn parents, is it possible for the two to fall in love once more?