Secret Lovers TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Secret Men and Women, A Man and A Woman
Director:Kim Sang-Ho(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Sep 29, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 비밀남녀 (Pb`S(피비스))
02 동화속에서 (권오경)
03 러브코드 (주다인)
04 잘 모르는 동네 (Pb`S(피비스))
05 사랑은 흘러가고 (김신일)
06 공허한 날들
07 Tango Star
08 하늘을 날다 (변재원)
09 초록비
10 사랑합니다 (고유진)
11 동화속에서 (Inst.)
12 러브코드 (Inst.)
13 사랑합니다 (Inst.)
14 잘 모르는 동네 (Inst.)
About Secret Lovers TV Series
“Love is One Thing, Marriage is Another Thing!”
Everyone places different value on different things. The moment you fall in love, you don’t care about things like the person’s appearance or educational background or financial status. In fact, the more differences you find between you and that person, the more attractive he or she seems. The more obstacles you face, the stronger your passion becomes. However, not all the couples in love end up getting married. In a sense, marrying someone is much more complicated since it sometimes requires more than just love between the two people. Do we expect different qualities from a person we go with “just for fun” and the person we go out with to marry? Yes, we do. Love CAN’T conquer everything.

“I Love You, but I’ll Marry Her!”
Love comes without warning. You might meet someone who steals your heart in the most unexpected place and on the most unexpected occasion. If the feeling is mutual, you want to believe that you’re meant to be with each other. At that very moment, at least… However, how many of you would still consider marrying that person when you later find out that he or she doesn’t have any education, or a decent family or a job?

“Honesty Isn’t Always the Best Policy?”
When you break up with someone, how honest are you about the reason that you want to leave?
‘Her family is so poor. I don’t want to support them…’
Or how honest can you be about the reason that you want to marry that person?
‘You’re not the most attractive man I’ve met. But I love what you possess. You can help me change my life.’
Sometimes, you can see clearly why he or she wants to leave you or marry you.
However, you don’t always want to admit the truth. You’d rather hear some beautiful lies about the reason why he or she wants to leave you or have you.

“Is Everyone Equal Before Love?”
Our expectations about love and marriage differ. However, tragedy occurs because we don’t always love the person that we find it possible to spend the rest of our life together. This drama asks all those singles who go between true love and harsh reality to look to their forgotten passion for real love. It describes the dreams of the four young men and women living in the metropolis of Seoul, as well as the lives that they’re expected to live by other people around them. By watching these four people’s clever but honest love games, viewers can understand what they truly believe and search for in life. Even love becomes cold and calculating in our world. This drama delivers to viewers not only the sad reality of the bitterness of life, but also the joy of love and life.