City of the Rising Sun
태양은 없다

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Also Known As:No Sun, Our Sunny Days
Director:Kim Sung-Soo(d)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitle:no available
Release Date:Nov 01, 1999
Product Made In:South Korea

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About City of the Rising Sun
The boxer Do-Cheol quits boxing after he was KO'd by his junior Seong-Hun. Do-Cheol begins to work for an inquiry office through the introduction of the boss of boxing exercise hall. There he becomes acquainted with Hong-Ki. Hong-Ki makes money madly to own the building of 3 billion in Apkujeong-Dong. Mi-Mi is a narrator model who dreams to become a star. Do-Cheol can not give up boxing, and Hong-Ki is chased by scoundrel Byeong-Kuk because he is in Byeong-Kuk's debt. Do-Cheol exercises violence to press to pay someone a debt and has his boss's confidence due to this incident. However, he is fired after all, because Hong-Ki embezzled money from the boss. Do-Cheol falls in love with Mi-Mi, but she does not accept his love. After Hong-Ki runs away with boss's money, Do-Cheol begins to box again. Hong-Ki comes to Seoul to negotiate with Byeong-Kuk, but Byeong-Kuk rejects to accept his suggestion. On the other hand, Mi-Mi is nominated as title role, but she has to give up her role just before filming. Do-Cheol, who says good-bye to Hong-Ki and Mi-Mi, has the last game with Seong-Hun in spite of his punch drink symptom.
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