Untold Scandal Soundtrack
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Also Known As:Scandal
Director:E J-Yong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Romance, Drama, Comedy, History
Release Date:Oct 08, 2003
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. ѷα - ߹ (ڤ)
02. (ҳ)
03. ŸƲ
04. ħ
05. ()
06. ҿ ù
07. ο(ݳ)
08. ҿ ȣ
10. ()
11.  ε
13. ɽ
14. ħ
15. ȭ
16. Գ
17. ȭ ٴ尡
19. ܿȣ
20. ĵ
22. Ǹ
23. ʷα
About Untold Scandal
"Untold Scandal", the blockbuster that re-wrote Korean film history, is back, thanks to overwhelming customer demand. Starring leading K-TV series actor Bae Young-jun ("Winter Sonata", "Hotelier"), who makes his stunning movie debut, "Untold Scandal" topped the national box office chart for two consecutive weeks! Based on the controversial French novel "Dangerous Liaisons", the film examines sexual morality in 18th century Chosun. To win the heart of his beloved aunt Madam Jo (Lee Min-sook), talented playboy Cho Won tries to seduce Madam Suk who has been remained chaste for nine years.