The Last Kiss (Musical Prince Rudolph OST)
Im Tae-Kyung, Ock Ju-Hyun

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Release Date:Jul 19, 2013
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Prologue (프롤로그) - 원제 Overture
Mary's Theme (마리의 테마) - 옥주현
Something More (알 수 없는 그곳으로) - 임태경,옥주현
How Will I Know? (알 수 없는 길) - 임태경
The Moment I Saw You (처음 만난 날처럼) - 임태경,옥주현
Only Love (사랑이야) - 옥주현
An Ordinary Man (평범한 남자) - 임태경
The Measure of A Man (날 시험할 순간) - 임태경
The Steps of Tomorrow (내일로 가는 계단) - 임태경 외
I Was Born To Love You+Only Love (Reprise) (너 하나만+사랑이야(Reprise) - 임태경,옥주현

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