G-Love Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Glove
Director:Kang Woo-Suk
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Drama, Sports
Release Date:Jan 27, 2011
Publisher:Fargo Music
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
* My Best - 허 각 & 존 박
* 게임 하기
* 성심 야구부
* 공 던지기 1
* 잊고 있었던 일에 대하여
* 공 던지기 2
* 회상하며
* 작은 희망
* 한걸음 더
* 게임의 규칙
* 가슴앓이
* 소리 없는 외침
* 가슴으로 소리쳐라
* 내일을 향해
* 두 손 가득히 - 일롭
* 홀로 남아
* 우정이란
* 마지막 부탁
* 게임에 관하여
* 승리를 위해
* 꿈의 구장
* 가슴을 태우며
* 사랑의 이름으로
* 글러브
* 사랑이란
* It’s my dream - 글러브 훈남 야구부
About G-Love
Kim Sang-nam (Jung Jae-young), a hot-tempered professional baseball player, is sent to the countryside to coach a team of hearing-impaired players in order to avoid media coverage of his recent involvement in an assault case. At first, Sang-nam has a difficult time imagining how he can teach baseball to a group of boys who can’t hear, but as he spends time with them he starts to believe that they can play the game. Motivated, Sang-nam decides to help them prepare for the nationals. As Sang-nam trains them, he forms bonds with the players, as well as with the music teacher and baseball manager Ms Na (Yoo Sun). But things don’t go the way Kim plans and their difficulties communicating with one another exacerbates the situation.
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