Traveling with Ghost

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Also Known As:Strange Honeymoon,
Director:Na Hong-Gyun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Mar 11, 2000
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Round Tube

Product Details
Size: 70 x 100 cm
About Traveling with Ghost
Jun-ho and Eun-jin arrive at the airport to go on a honeymoon upon their wedding. Various kinds of other couples also arrive there one after another. They will go on honeymoons to Jeju Island together as a group. They are Se-jun, a physician and his pretty bride, Su-jin, a sexually perversive couple, Chung-ho and Chun-ja, a thoughtless college couple, Jung-hun and Seon-hee, Pyon-shik, a detective having his vacation for the first time in 10 years, and his wife, Hyeon-hee, Ki-jung who loves his wife than his own life but is somewhat overemotional and his wife, Ko-eun, and a mid-aged couple who join in this group by the travel agency's error, Man-dong and Jung-keom, and an attractive woman guide, Ye-rin. There are other three men they would meet in Jeju, a good-looking hotel employee, Jae-won, and foolish thieves only targeting honeymooners, Jae-hun and Jung-hwan. These couples involve in lots of different ridiculous happenings. At the first night of honeymoon, dead drunk Jun-ho mistakenly has sex with Ko-eun by entering the wrong room. Meanwhile his wife, Eun-jin, immediately packs her baggage, thinking he stands her up. The next morning Jun-no is found brutally murdered. One single clue is a gas lighter found on the spot. Detective Pyon-shik unexpectedly undertakes the case and begins to investigate the suspects. The more circumstances on the day reveals, the more the case becomes mysterious... Finally the investigation is completed with temporary conclusion. Few days later, however, Pyon-shik gets a conclusive clue for the case, watching TV. And he faces the shocking truth behind the case when he makes a raid the criminal's house...
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