Moss Soundtrack

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Director:Kang Woo-Suk
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Jul 16, 2010
Publisher:Fargo Music
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
* 이끼 (Short Version)
* 이끼의 눈동자
* 구도자
* 작은 마을
* 알 수 없는 것들
* 어둠의 성
* 터널
* 이상한 사람들
* 이끼 계곡
* Run Away
* 비밀
* 어둠 속에서
* 삼덕기도원
* 이장
* 영지
* 이끼의 얼굴
* 아버지
* 추적
* Who Are You
* 증거
* 사별
* 이끼 (Long Version)
* Fire
About Moss
A hit with both audiences and critics, mystery thriller Moss earned Korea's all-time highest-grossing director Kang Woo Suk another three million admissions at the box office and a Best Director award at the 47th Daejong Awards. An eerie village and an unexplained death provide the creepy setup for the blockbuster starring Jung Jae Young (The Divine Weapon) and Park Hae Il (The Host), as well as Yoo Jun Sang (HaHaHa), Yu Hae Jin (Public Enemy), and Yoo Seon (Black House). Based on an internet comic, Moss adds to the moody mystery with outstanding sounds and visuals, duly recognized for Best Cinematography, Art Design, and Sound Effects at the Daejong Awards.

Hae Gook (Park Hae Il) travels to a reclusive village to attend his father's funeral. He wants to find out the reason behind his father's strange death, but the villagers, in particular village chief Cheon (Jung Jae Young), seem to be watching his every move and eager to see him leave. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Hae Gook enlists the help of prosecutor Park (Yoo Jun Sang) to slowly unravel the village's sinister secrets.
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