Terroir TV Series Soundtrack


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Director:Kim Young-Min
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jan 08, 2009
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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̷ - Ž
- ˸
ϱ -
Red Wine (Humming) - ƹ
- Sunday Brunch
Is This Love (Guitar ver)
- ӱ
White Wine (Sweet Dream)
Busy Days
Starry Night
Is This Love (Piano ver)
ϳ (Feel Your Love)
Sparkling Wine
- Saxphone ֱö (Sax ver)
1945 ĥ带 Ѿ
μ (Tension)
About Terroir TV Series
Broadcast: December 1, 2008 ~ February 17, 2009
Total episodes: 20

Popular stars Kim Joo-Hyuk (Lovers in Prague) and Han Hye-Jin (Jumong, Be Strong Geum-soon) sparkle in Terroir, an original romantic series set amidst the intoxicating allure of the wine business.

It's not exactly love at first sight when wine expert Tae-min (Kim Joo-Hyuk) bumps into Woo-ju (Han Hye-Jin) in France. Tae-min is looking to buy a 1945 Chateau Mouton Meyer, which ends up in Woo-ju's hands. After losing his job over the missing wine, Tae-min decides to reclaim a traditional Korean bar owned by his late uncle and turn it into his very own wine restaurant called "Terroir." This does not go down well with the current barkeeper's headstrong granddaughter, who is none other than Woo-ju. She determinedly stays on at Terroir with the intention of getting her family business back.

Filmed partly in France, Terroir is full of romance, high stakes, dark secrets, and all the thrilling elements of a vintage Korean television series.