Princess Aurora  (2005)
Starring: Uhm Jung-Hwa, Mun Seong-Geun, Kwon Oh-Jung
Director:Bang Eun-Jin
Genre:Thriller, Drama
Production:East Films
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Princess Aurora
A woman gets killed in a department store. No one imagines this could lead to serial murders, but two days after the first murder, another homicide occurs. A woman is suffocated to death and the only evidence left at the crime scene is a sticker of the cartoon character 'PRINCESS AURORA'. A veteran detective OH suspects an attractive and lively woman named JUNG Sun-jung as the murderer. However, he does not tell anyone -not even his partner- that Jung also happens to be his ex-wife.
Again and again, the Princess Aurora sticker is found... each with a dead body.
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