Two Guys  (2004)
투 가이즈
Starring: Park Jung-Hun, Cha Tae-Hyeon, Han Eun-Jeong(a)
Director:Park Heon-Su
Genre:Comedy, Action
Production:Boram Entertainment
Distribution:ShowEast, Cineclick Asia
Country:South Korea

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Two Guys
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Two Guys
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About Two Guys
Hun(CHA Tae-hyun) is a famous Casanova who works as a part-time valet parker at a bar. He suffers from a huge amount of credit card debt, since he has spent money on his girls. Meanwhile, Hun’s usurer hires Joong-tae(PARK Joong-hun) to threaten Hun for getting his money back. One day, Hun and Joong-tae witness a murder scene, and they fall into the real trouble.
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