The Divine Weapon Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Shingijun, 神機箭
Director:Kim Yu-Jin
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Action, Drama, Traditional
Release Date:Sep 08, 2008
Publisher:Pony Canyon
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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신기전 (Main Theme From 神機箭)
세종의 비밀병기
염초토 수거
신기전의 비밀
홍만일당의 습격
화약 만들기
금오의 죽음
대나무 숲
인하의 죽음
운명의 대결
전운속의 밤
분노의 검
전투 1. 기습
전투 2. 소신기전
전투 3. 적장의 공격
전투 4. 대신기전
짐은 왕이요, 그대들은 황제이니라!
신기전 (Main Theme Reprise)
청혼(Credit Music-Main Theme 국악)
About Divine Weapon, The
1448, the 30th year of Sejong's reign. The Ming dynasty's meddling into Joseon's domestic affairs goes to extremes and Sejong secretly plans to develop Singijeon, a rocket weapon upgraded from Goryeo's firearms technology. The Ming finds out and quickly dispatches assassins to attack the research lab, but Choi Haesan, the man in charge of the protect the weapon's secret. His daughter Hongli Chan Eun-Jung barely escapes but loses the Chong-Tong records (Singijeon's blueprints) to the Ming assassins.

As the Ming's diplomatic pressure increases on Joseon for making the Singijeon, Sejong commands Chang-gang, the chief royal guard warrior, to take the only person with the potential to complete the Singijeon, Hong-li, safely to Sul-ju (JUNG Jae-young), a peddler. The son of the top engineer, Sul-ju is an exceedingly intelligent man with the top martial art skills in Joseon. He rejects Joseon as a descendant of Goryeo migrants and lives as the head of a merchant gang. He refuses Chang-gang's command to help construct the Singijeon...