I Love You TV Series Soundtrack (2CD)

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Also Known As:Saranghae
Director:Lee Chang-Han, Seong Do-Jun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Apr 30, 2008
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Disc. 1
I Love You
Jewel Case
My Destiny
사랑은 가슴이 말해
A Worn Diary
얌전한 고양이
I Love You (Instrumental)
아나요 (Instrumental)

Disc. 2
A Little Girl
Oh! Happy
My Story
My Destiny (Piano Solo versoin)
아나요 (Piano Solo Versoin)
NoNoNo,Yes (Instrumental)
My Destiny (Instrumental)
About I Love You TV Series
Broadcast: April 7, 2008 ~ May 27, 2008
Episodes: 16

Suk Chul Soo and Na Young Hee are a newly wedded couple with an age gap of 14 years. This is a drama that tells the story of a couple who just had a baby because of a one night stand. It will portray the modern generation's view on love and marriage as well as the responsibility of raising a child. Park Byung Ho was thoughtless and threw away his child for a better income and life who later regrets this and learns to love...