Thank You TV Series (English Subtitles) (4discs)

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Product Information
Director:Lee Jae-Dong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Language:Korea, Mandarin
Subtitles:English, Chinese, Malay
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:Dec 14, 2007
Publisher:PMP Entertainment
Product Made In:Malaysia
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Region Code: All, NTSC
Single Side Dual Layer
No of CDs: 4 DVDs (16 Episodes)
Model: PMP2064

Rating for English subtitles: Good

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About Thank You TV Series
On Air: 21.3.2007 ~ 10.5.2007

Total 16 episodes

Min Ki Seo (Jang Hyuk) and Lee Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin) will be a couple who hated the sight of each other at first but later developed affections along the way during their daily fights and disagreements. Min Ki Seo was orginally a doctor who always looked down on people and arrogant as well until he met Lee Young Shim and her child who has AIDs. Lee Young Shim is a very cheerful and positive person despite the difficult life she has to face. Through her, Min Ki Seo slowly becomes a warm, gentle person because of love.

Min Gi-suh (29) / Jang Hyuk

Are you a gangster that kills or a doctor that saves lives?

My father always said, í░Doní»t focus on the disease, focus on the patient.í▒
Though dedicated as Hippocrates himself, my father was destroyed by his patientí»s betrayal.
So I never focus on the patient. Just on the diseaseíŽ
Then Ji-min, my beautiful angel with a heart of gold, whom I didní»t really deserve, died in my arms. People called me the biggest jerk of all times.
And I really wasíŽ
Until I went to that islandíŽ

Lee Young-shin (27) / Gong Hyo-jin

The hottest single mom in Poo-reun Island

Ií»m young, ignorant and poor. Sometimes I want to be babied by my parents and my boyfriend.
I often cry and Ií»m so weak that the wind could knock me down. But mothers are strong and Ií»m a mother now. Ií»m the mother of a child with terrifying disease called AIDS.

Lee Bom (Sam-wol, 8) / Suh Shin-ae

Will you marry me in 20 years if Ií»m still alive, Doctor?

Ií»m so excited that my dream guy is boarding at my house! Hurray~
I threw out all my posters of Park Ji-sung after I met the ever-so-cool Mr. Gi-suh.
And Ií»m totally over Yong-joo, whoí»s in third grade.
Anyway, my momí»s so pretty but I doní»t look like her at all.
Maybe I was adopted.
I really want to know who my dad is but Ií»m trying not to ask because it might hurt momí»s feelings.

Choi Suk-hyun (29) / Shin Sung-rok

Thank you for reminding me how beautiful Young-shin is, Mr. Min.
Young-shin clearly said, í░Bom is not Suk-hyuní»s child.í▒
But Bom probably is my kid.
I know how pure and innocent Young-shin is.
But I just said, í░The heck with it.í▒
That was until Min Gi-suh, the heir of the company that I work for, gazed at Young-shin with such love in his eyes.
I realized how beautiful she is when I looked at her again through Gi-suhí»s eyes.
I caní»t lose her to Gi-suh. Young-shin and I have a child together, Bom!

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