Mom Never Die Soundtrack
어머니는 죽지 않는다

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Also Known As:Mother
Director:Ha Myeong-Jung
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Sep 10, 2007
Publisher:Pony Canyon
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 첫사랑에게 (Dear My First Love)
2. 즐거운 추억들 (Pleasant Moments)
3. 춤추는 엄마 (Mom’s Dance)
4. 어머니의 봄 (Spring of Mother)
5. 멋지게 차려 입고 (Mother Dressed up)
6. 봄이 오다 (Spring Comes)
7. 오래된 재회 (Long Time Reunion)
8. 그리움의 편지 (Letters of Longing)
9. 내 아들 (My Son)
10. 어머니... (Mother...)
11. 어머니는 죽지 않는다 (Mother Never Die)
12. 알라뷰 (I Love You)
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