Law Firm TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Lawfirm
Director:Jeong Se-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jan 01, 2002
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. Power - 싸이
2. 내가 아는 것 - 오현란
3. 찻잔 - 오현란
4. 願 (Want) - 오현란
5. 불꺼진 창 - 오현란
6. Power (Instrumental)
7. 사랑의 시작 (Piano Ver)
8. 내가 아는 것 (Guitar Ver)
9. 찻잔 (Piano Ver)
10. 불꺼진 창 (Harmonica Ver)
11. 願 (Want) (Violin Ver)
12. 願 (Want) (Piano Ver)
13. 願 (Want) (Guitar Ver)
14. 사랑의 시작 (Bell Ver)
15. 사랑의 시작 (Guitar Ver
16. 내가 아는 것 (Slow Ver)
17. 불꺼진 창 (Old Ver)
About Law Firm TV Series
Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon (A Tale of Autumn and Summer Scent) leads an all-star cast in the 2001 hit Law Firm. Featuring the talents of Song, Kim Ji Ho (Glass Slipper), So Ji Sub (Sorry, I Love You), Suh Jung (Kim Ki Duk's The Isle), and Byun Woo Min (Barefooted Youth), Law Firm is an entertaining mix of love, laughter, and drama.

Unwilling to stay at a position that compromises his principles, the righteous Jung Young Woong (Song Seung Heon) decides to start his own law firm. He recruits the four most eccentric lawyers in the business to be his partners - the vivacious Park Jung Ah (Kim Ji Ho), the aloof Yoon Jin (Suh Jung), the money-hungry Choi Jang Goon (So Ji Sub), and the bookish Han Dong Ryung (Byun Woo Min). These five very different lawyers come together to form an alternative law firm, but not all of them have purely noble intentions like Young Woong.

Inspired by Young Woong's sincerity and determination, the lawyers work hard together on many different cases, representing people in need of voice. However, the law circle is full of conflicts, competition, and corrupting influences, causing the five lawyers to clash often. Things get even more complicated when romance comes into play. Jang Goon likes Jung Ah, but it seems both Jung Ah and Yoon Jin are interested in Young Woong. Can this noisy Law Firm overcome all the challenges and stay together?