Two Outs in the Ninth Inning TV Series Soundtrack
9회말 2아웃

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Also Known As:9 Inning 2 Outs, 9 End 2 Outs, 2 Outs in the 9th Inning, Two Outs, Bottom of the 9th Inning
Director:Han Cheol-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Aug 03, 2007
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 9회말2아웃 (Title Theme)
2. . Fly Again
3. 사랑당기기
4. Because of U
5. 보이나요
6. Stay
7. 서른살 이야기 1 - 허무함 (탱고)
8. Summer Love
9. 도루
10. 정말 사랑이라면..
11. 서른살 이야기 2 - 외로움 (Whistle)
12. 우정&사랑2:35
13. 그대의 향기
14. 번트
15. 서른살 이야기 3 - 기다림 (Bossanova)
16. 하얀 기억2:28
17. 제주도의 추억
18. 180일간의 여행
About Two Outs in the Ninth Inning TV Series
Broadcast: July 14, 2007 ~ September 9, 2007
Episodes: 16

The drama is about love of singles in their 30s. Hong Nan Hee is an ordinary worker at a publishing firm, she's a girl who always falls in and out of love since she was young until one day when she meets an old classmate, Byun Hyung Tae, who is a team leader of an advertising company again. Hyung Tae may seem to be a good catch in the eyes of many women but he's only a cowardly boy to Nan Hee whom he has grown up with. '9 End 2 Outs' is using the baseball theme to compare to the fates and lives of the people in love.

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