Sweet Buns TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Dan-pat-ppang, Red Bean Bread
Director:Lee Jae-Dong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Nov 23, 2004
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 나도 너처럼 Part 1 (명인희)
02 우리 웃던 날(김연우)
03 입맞춤 (김형섭-자전거 탄 풍경)
04 그대 미소 있기에 (이현진)
05 나도 너처럼 Part 2 (명인희)
06 숫자송 (최강희, 심은경, 강성현, 이석민, 이지은, 이수빈, 김은진)
07 안녕 (김기원)
08 이젠 (이현진)
09 이차장 연가 (바야바)
10 나도 너처럼 Part 3 (김은진)
11 어린 시절 테마
12 수영장에서 생긴 일
13 관하 테마
14 굿모닝 이차장
15 Bach의 단팥빵 (어린 가란과 남준 테마)
16 그대 미소 있기에 (오보 연주)
About Sweet Buns TV Series
Broadcast: July 4, 2004 ~ January 16, 2005
Episodes: 26

Ka-Ran and Nam-Joon were classmates in elementary school. Ka-Ran is a tomboy who prefers trousers to skirts, and loves Taekwondo more than her piano lessons. Nam-Joon on the other hand is Mr. Perfect and got the good looks and the fine brain. No doubt, he is the most popular guy among the girls. One day, Ka-Ran witnesses the scene where Nam-Joon gives away the sweet bun which he got from Ka-Ran's friend to another girl. Ka-Ran throws herself at Nam-Joon and beats him up. From that on, their "nightmare' begin and their life connected together since then and even after they have left their school.

They meet again when they are adults and right after breaking off with their others half. Arguments and conflicts still continued but then they realised that the others is the fated person in their life....
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