Typhoon in that Summer TV Series Soundtrack
그 여름의 태풍

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Product Information
Also Known As:That Summer's Typhoon
Director:Lee Gwan-Hee, Hwang Hyeok
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Release Date:Aug 05, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
01 위험한 사랑 (임창규)
02 Memory (한예슬)
03 별리 (정일영)
04 믿음 (전해성)
05 그대 많이 고마워요 (Carly)
06 회상 (윤원효)
07 My Life (백현수)
08 My Love (최성민)
09 Summer (김현아)
10 Happiness (김현아)
11 Swing String & Piano Nocturne
12 Memory Guitar Nocturne
13 위험한 사랑 (String & Piano Nocturne)
14 별리 (Piano Nocturne)
15 욕망의 바다 (Piano Nocturne)
16 미련 (String Nocturne)
17 Memory (String & Piano Nocturne)