vol.1/ Psy From The Psycho World!

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Product Information
Release Date:Jan 18, 2001
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Product Details
01 Intro
02 Lady
03 새
04 끝
05 나에게 맡겨봐
06 Life(Featuring R.Jay, Yota, Dm, Y.Kwan, Small)
07 동거동락
08 Freedom
09 성냥팔이 소녀
10 No. 1
11 I Love Sex(Featuring Cho Pd)
12 쇼킹! 양가집 규수
13 성공의 어머니
14 놀아보자
15 2세의 처(Featuring R.Jay, Dm, Y.Kwan, Small)
16 불륜
17 계집녀
18 Upskail Phenomenon
19 Modern Times
20 Outro

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