Oh My Ghost TV Series Box Set (Director's Cut) (13discs)
오 나의 귀신님

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Product Information
Director:Yu Je-Won
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Subtitle:no available
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Release Date:May 12, 2016
Publisher:CJ Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
Region Code: 3, NTSC
Runtime: 1107 + 852mins

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Product Details
100 pages photo album + 4 episodes script book

- 구성 : 13디스크 + 썬레스토랑 패키지 + 3단 디지팩 2종 + 100p 화보집 + 4회차대본집
- 코멘터리 2편 수록 - 감독판 본편 1회차(주연) + 하이라이트 편집 1회(해밀리)
- 감독판 1,107분 + 부가영상 852분
* 방영일: 2015.07.03~2015.08.22

[디스크 구성]
1disc: 1,2화
2disc: 3,4화
3disc: 5,6화
4disc: 7,8화
5disc: 9,10화
6disc: 11,12화
7disc: 13,14화
8disc: 15,16화
9~13disc: 부가영상

■ 부가영상
- 주연 코멘터리
- 해밀리 코멘터리
- 메이킹 필름
- 커플 메이킹
- 대본 리딩
- 티저 예고편
- 티저 예고편 촬영 현장
- 포스터 촬영 현장
- 제작발표회
- NG영상
- 서빙고 '흉가 시리즈'
- 유제원 감독 리허설
- 유제원 감독 인터뷰
- 종방영 단체관람
- 배우 인터뷰 : 박보영, 조정석, 임주환, 김슬기, 이정은, 강기영, 최민철, 곽시양, 오의식, 신혜선, 이학주

About Oh My Ghost TV Series
Broadcast: 2015.07.03~2015.08.22
Episodes: 16

An occult romantic comedy, follows a timid young woman who becomes possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin female ghost. She will romance a haughty chef who does not believe in the existence of ghosts.

Bong-Sun (Park Bo-young) is a self-conscious young woman who works at a restaurant run by Kang Sun-Woo (Jo Jung-suk), a famous and talented chef. Her grandmother worked as a shaman for a long time and as a result, Bong-Sun can communicate with ghosts. She has had a huge crush on her boss but she was never able to express her feelings. One day, she is possessed by a lustful ghost who has never experienced love. The ghost, name Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-gie), is promiscuous and flirtatious. Sun-Woo notices the sudden change in Bong-Sun and he becomes more and more curious about his sous chef.