Beethoven : Symphonies (HD Remastering) (4discs)
클라우디오 아바도 - 베토벤 교향곡 전집

Ludwig Van Beethoven, Claudio Abbado

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Product Information
Subtitles:English, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Release Date:Dec 10, 2014
Publisher:Green Narae Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Case:Deluxe Case
Region Code: 3, NTSC
Runtime: 413mins

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28 pages booklet includes

Gramophone Magazine, May 2009
“Abbado, a Furtwangler admirer in principle, seems ever more Italian, his tauter lyricism allied to a sense of forward movement influenced, we are told, by period practice. The surprise is not the Mediterranean luminosity and scrupulous attention to instrumental detail - one expects nothing less from this source - but the animating sense of line. The Seventh Symphony... knows precisely where it's going and why... The sense of joy present throughout is overwhelming by the close.”

MusicWeb International, March 2012
“the joy and the life behind these performances makes it pretty plain why he chose this set as his “legacy set” for Beethoven...the peerless playing and outstanding direction make it a joy to experience.”

Disc 1
Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, “Pastoral”
I. Allegro ma non troppo 11:33
II. Andante molto moto 10:52
III. Allegro 5:13
IV. Allegro 3:24
V. Allegretto 11:26

Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 21
I. Adagio molto . Allegro con brio 8:58
II. Andante cantabile con moto 7:40
III. Menuetto. Allegro molto e vivace 4:33
IV. Finale. Adagio . Allegro molto e vivace 7:43

Symphony No. 8 in F major, Op. 93
I. Allegro vivace e con brio 9:32
II. Allegretto scherzando 4:13
III. Tempo di Menuetto 5:48
IV. Allegro vivace 8:43

Disc 2
Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 36
I. Adagio molto . Allegro con brio 12:17
II. Larghetto 10:54
III. Scherzo. Allegro . Trio 4:28
IV. Allegro molto 8:48

Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67
I. Allegro con brio 7:23
II. Andante con moto 9:39
III. Allegro 7:58
IV. Allegro 11:18

Disc 3
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op.125 “Choral”
I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso 14:33
II. Molto vivace 13:20
III. Adagio molto e cantabile 13:07
IV. Presto 25:59

Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 21
I. Allegro con brio 17:04
II. Marcia funebre. Adagio assai 15:04
III. Scherzo. Allegro vivace 5:49
IV. Finale. Allegro molto 12:21

Disc 4
Symphony No. 4 in B flat major, Op. 60
I. Adagio . Allegro vivace 11:36
II. Adagio 9:55
III. Allegro vivace 5:55
IV. Allegro ma non troppo 9:42

Symphony No. 7 in a major, Op. 92
I. Poco sostenuto . Vivace 13:28
II. Allegretto 11:58
III. Presto 4:40
IV. Allegro con brio 8:52