My Boss, My Hero Soundtrack

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Product Information
Also Known As:Dusabuilche, Doosabooilche
Director:Yun Je-Gyun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Comedy, Action
Release Date:Dec 13, 2001
Publisher:KM Music
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. Prologue
2. 너의 곁에 (Angelo)
3. I Stay With You (쥬얼리)
4. 스승의 은혜 (Angelo)
5. 눈물 (Piano Version)
6. 약속 (Piano Version)
7. 아픔 (Piano Version)
8. Suite For Cello No.2 (Cello Solo)
9. I Say With You (Piano Version)
10. 너의 곁에 (Cello Version)
11. Good-bye (Cello & Piano)
12. 고백 (Orchestra Version)
13. 반전 (Orchestra Version)
14. 결투 (Orchestra Version)
15. 스승의 은혜 (Angelo)
16. 꼬마 달건이 (One Sun)