Marriage Blue Soundtrack

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Product Information
Director:Hong Ji-Young(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Drama, Romance
Release Date:Nov 27, 2013
Publisher:Cinus Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

Product Details
결혼전야 Opening - 택연
Dress Battle (주영의 대사) - V.A.
Are You Ready ? & Sexy Vika ! - V.A.
Water Bed - V.A.
Horse Riding (건호의 대사) - V.A.
Restaurant Interview (원철의 대사) - V.A.
Traveling Je-Ju - V.A.
Gunho in the Hospital - V.A.
Gunho’s Response - V.A.
OMG! - V.A.
Ugly Kyungsu & Misunderstood - V.A.
Only My Bag & Somi - V.A.
Talking in a Car & His Mom - V.A.
Terrible Wedding - V.A.
Bath Wash for Somi - V.A.
Gunho’s Dream - V.A.
Jooyoung & Taekyu at the Restaurant - V.A.
On the Bridge - V.A.
Difference & Similarity (태규의 대사) - V.A.
Angry Ira - V.A.
Dr. Kim - V.A.
Love & Wedding (소미의 대사) - V.A.
Woeful Men - V.A.
Hug and Kiss (경수의 대사) - V.A.
Wonchul and Somi - V.A.
Painful and Missing (이라의 대사) - V.A.
Driving to Vika (비카의 대사) - V.A.
Sorry Vika - V.A.
Somi’s Illusion - V.A.
Their Memory (태규와 주영의 대사) - V.A.
Sorry for Goodbye - V.A.
I Swear (대복의 대사) - V.A.
A Fresh Start - V.A.
결혼전야 Ending - V.A.

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