Queen of Office TV Series Soundtrack
직장의 신

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Also Known As:God of the Workplace, Office God, The God of Office, Come Back, Miss Kim
Director:Jeon Chang-Geun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy
Release Date:May 16, 2013
Publisher:A&G Modes
Product Made In:South Korea

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아마도 - 10cm
멀리서 안부 - 윤하
나는 바보다 - 김태우
사랑하자 - 컬투
사랑빼고 거짓말 - 신지수
Love Is - 김혜수
세뇨리따 김
사랑 그 느낌
해결사 미스김
멈춰진 시계
무서운 미스김
세뇨리따 김2
About Queen of Office TV Series
Broadcast: April 1, 2013 ~ May 21, 2013
Episodes: 16

Contract employee Ms. Kim (Kim Hye Soo) does everything perfect at work that even her bosses are a little afraid of. She is also shrouded in mystery because her colleagues don’t know her background. Ms. Kim is the center of attention and she is also charismatic and funny. Meanwhile, Jang Kyu Jik (Oh Ji Ho) is a permanent employee in upper management. He finished his MBA in U.S. before returning to Korea. Two of them always argue about everything.