Rainbow Rose TV Series Soundtrack (2CD)
사랑하는 메종 : 레인보우 로즈

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Product Information
Also Known As:恋するメゾン
Director:Kim Su-Ryong(b)
Country of Origin:Japan, South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Oct 23, 2012
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
Disc. 1
Rainbow Rose [강지영]
With You (Sentimental Scenery)
달콤해 (Sweet) [Rainbow]
고양이 왈츠 (Acoustic Ver.) [Lucia(심규선)]
Everything Lasts Forever [The Papers (duet with 묘이 of 파니핑크)]
Love Me Everytime [Tender Love (feat. Besweet)]
Love Song [Sentimental Scenery]
Can't Stop [Besweet]
여기서 끝내자 [Taru(타루) (duet with 짙은)]
My Perfect Blue Sky (Drama Ver.) [Tensi Love]
언제까지나 너와 함께 [이진우]
늦은 후회 [Besweet]
전하지 못한 말 [The Papers]

Disc. 2
Rainbow Days
If You Leave
Are You Still Waiting (Korean Ver.) [Hee Young]
Eternal Love (Vari.)
Love Song (Inst.)
Hey Now [Tensi Love]
Funny Days
Lilting Whistle
Everything Lasts Forever (Vari.)
마음을 기울이면 [Misty Blue(미스티 블루)]
Missing You
하숙집 에피소드
Warm Love
Once Upon A Dream In Winter II [정연승]
About Rainbow Rose TV Series
Broadcast: April 13, 2012 ~ June 29, 2012
Episodes: 12