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Director:Jeon Gye-Soo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Release Date:Mar 09, 2012
Publisher:Mirrorball Music
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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러브픽션 - 박주원
방울토마토 - 김지훈
하이파 여인 - 박주원
For Suicide
Chanson De Ma Vie - 전유진
구애서한 (求愛書翰)
True Love - 서교동꽃거지, Wild dingo
Romantic Night
Romantist - 이태경
바람에 기대어 - 전유진
Sweet Amore - 박주원
Detective Ma
I Wanna Know You - 김지훈
Failure - Wild dingo
A Detective's Feeler
Laid Back
Inside Of Me - 타루
Contrast - 박주원
Know (Letter to Alaska) - 전유진
알라스카 - 하정우, 김지훈, 서현우, 최두리
또 다른 알라스카 - 상운
About Love Fiction
A writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love on first sight. Will there love last?

Ku Joo-Wol (Ha Jung-Woo) is a writer and a part-time as a bartender. He's currently working on his second novel, but stuck with a bout of writer's block. Joo-Wol then accompanies the president of his publishing company to Berlin on a business trip as a translator. On his last day in Berlin, Joo-Wool attends a party for movie industry insiders. Joo-Wool, bored with the party, steps outside to smoke a cigarette. A woman named Hee-Jin (Kong Hyo-Jin) then walks next to him and smokes a cigarette. Joo-Wol falls in love on first sight.

Back in Seoul. Hee-Jin finds a letter and a flower basket awaiting for her on her desk. Hee-Jin reads the letter from Joo-Wol and finds it funny. Meanwhile, Joo-Wol waits and waits for her phone call. Finally, Joo-Wol gets the phone call from Hee-Jin. The soon-to-be couple will meet for the second time ...
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