The Moon Embracing the Sun TV Series Soundtrack
해를 품은 달

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Also Known As:The Sun and the Moon, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, The Moon in the Sun
Director:Kim Do-Hun(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Traditional, Romance, Fantasy
Release Date:Feb 15, 2012
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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시간을 거슬러 - 린
달빛이 지고 - 해오라
눈물길 - 휘성
그림자 - 먼데이키즈
해를 품은 달
숨은 달
꽃잎처럼, 불꽃처럼

두 개의 태양과 하나의 달
연우 내리다
태양의 눈물
궁의 아침
달빛의 노래
나비의 춤
About Moon Embracing the Sun TV Series, The
Broadcast: January 4, 2012 ~ March 15, 2012
Episodes: 20

Based on the novel written by popular author Jeong Eungwol (“The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Scholars”) and directed by Kim Do Hoon (“Royal Family”),

The Moon Embracing the Sun” is a fantasy series that fuses romance into a historical backdrop..

Set in a fictional time of the Joseon era, a chance meeting between the crown prince and a nobleman’s daughter gives rise to political strife, conspiracies and a fateful love that surpasses even death. Though chosen as Crown Princess, Heo Yeonwoo is torn from her rightful place and is forced to undertake a new life. Years later, the star-crossed lovers reunite as Wol, the secretive shaman, and King Yi Hwon, the man who lost his innocence with the death of his beloved.