The Client Soundtrack

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Director:Son Young-Seong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Sep 29, 2011
Publisher:Fargo Music
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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의뢰인 (Film Version)
Two For The Road
진실에 대한 추리
노인의 회상
Father And Son
The Court
A Trap
제 3의 사나이
분노와 음향
Justice (Full Version)
Trace Of Murder
살인의 해부 Part 1
살인의 해부 Part 2
Short Cut
의뢰인 (Full Version)
About Client, The
On his wedding anniversary, Han Chul-min (Jang Hyuk) drives into his apartment complex parking lot and sees a large crowd gathered by the entryway into his apartment. He enters holding a bouquet of flowers for his wife, instead he finds police officers scattered about collecting evidence. In his bedroom there is a large pool of blood dripping onto the floor from the bed, and his wife is nowhere to be seen. Han is then handcuffed, arrested and taken into police custody for the murder her murder.

Prosecutor Ahn Min-ho (Park Hee soon) takes charge of prosecuting the Han murder case. He has little doubt in the guilt of Chul-min. Confirming his suspicions that Han was arrested as the prime suspect in a serial murder case, but later released on insufficient evidence.

Jang Ho-won (Sung Dong-il), an investigator, brings the case of Han to defense lawyer Kang Sung-hee (Ha Jung Woo). He informs Kang that the alleged murder victim's body was never discovered, the police have yet to find any direct evidence connecting Han to the murder of his wife and his arrest is based on circumstantial evidence. Han, who works at a film laboratory, has no fingerprints as they are erased from the strong chemicals he handles everyday. Convinced that Han is not guilty, Kang takes the case and applies in court for a jury trial and goes through a series of legal clashes against rival prosecutor Ahn. The case gets even more complex as details about the mysterious life of Han's wife are unveiled.
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