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Director:Choi Ho(a)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Mar 28, 1998
Product Made In:South Korea

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Full color / 8 * 10 inch / 20 * 25 cm
About Bye June
Do-Ki and Chae-Young who become 21 years old with wounds of 19 years old. Burying their idol Jun in their hearts, Chae-Young and Do-Ki maintain painful youth depending upon their body temperature each other. They fill emptiness with sex and alcohol since they can't erase Jun's illusion that still holds their ankles and inhale marijuana to forget anxiety of reality. Though they love each other, their relation becomes always awkward due to memories about Jun. Chae-Young can't accept Do-Ki contrary to her state of mind while Do-Ki feels uneasy due to his existence like a pinch hitter.
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