My Dear Sister Hongdo, Do Not Cry!
홍도야 울지 마라

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Product Information
Director:Jeon Taek-In
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Feb 19, 1965
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Round Tube
Size: 51 x 73 cm

About My Dear Sister Hongdo, Do Not Cry!
Hongdo becomes a Kisaeng (Korean traditional barmaid) to support her elder brother's tuition expense. She loves Youngho, a friend of her elder brother and gets married to him in spite Youngho's parents' objection. After Youngho goes to overseas to study, she is forced to leave house of parents-in-law. Youngho returns to home country after finishing study in overseas, and intends to get married to a millionaire's daughter. Hongdo rushes to the engagement ceremony place and gets excited to stab the millionaire's daughter with a knife. At the scene of accident, she is arrested by her elder brother, who has become a policeman.