Resurrection of the Little Match Girl Special Edition (region3)
성냥팔이 소녀의 재림

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Product Information
Director:Jang Sun-Woo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Sci-fi, Comedy, Fantasy
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS
Release Date:Dec 27, 2002
Publisher:Enter One
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Case:Keep Case

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Product Details
Region Code: 3, NTSC
Single Side, Single Layer

Special Features:
- Audio Commentary
- Date with Im Eun-Gyeong
- Documentary
- Making Film
- Music Video
- Trailers
About Resurrection of the Little Match Girl
RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL approaches the world through a combination of technology and Taoism; the great master of Taoism, China's Chuangtzu's teachings virtual reality. What we may call Technotaoism.. In the film, the cyber/game world will not be distinguished from the real world. Whether it is virtual reality or reality, both could be reality or a non-reality/pseudo-reality/virtual reality which in the film will be represented by a yellow butterfly quoted from Chuangtzu's famous literature.


The Little Match Girl/Hee-mee
They are the same person yet could be of different personalities...Hee-mee is the cashier who exchanges coins or cards at the Game Room. She does menial work, cleaning ashtrays and other things as well...

He is among the many teenagers who hang out in the Game Room because they don't have nothing important to do. However it is true that he is a first rate game player, perhaps not as good as his friend, Yi. In fact quite a few levels below. He has a crush on Hee-mee of the Game Room. It may be more correct to say that he is always at the Game Room because of her. For Ju it is better than being depressed all the time at home. Everything, his physical, mental....and especially financial level is almost hitting bottom, but he hang in there because of his passion and affection for the Little Match Girl. Futhermore, he also finds good samaritans on the way...

He is a close friend of Ju's but is hired by the System after winning a game tournament. He becomes a henchman of the System and shoots Ju and kidnaps the Little Match Girl. In the end he is terminated for being unable to ignore his friend, Ju.

The System
It cannot be seen. It just sends out its orders through mobile phones or monitors.... It could be disclosed in the end...but because it(?) is connected to the doesn't its death means the destruction of the System...

The master who developed the System. He is betrayed by the System and is in hiding now, fishing...waiting for his day to come, to recover the System. However, by helping the Little Match Girl escape, he eventually contributes to the System's destruction...

GA Juno
The cyber musician of the cyber cafe. He is a just a ghostly entity now, the ex-lover of the Little Match Girl, perhaps her first love. He is murdered by OH Bee-ryun which is why he has turned cyber now as a wandering spirit. From time to time he becomes the messenger of Bangjang. Meanwhile, the Little Match Girl cannot erase him from her memory. That is why she roams the streets. It is he who appears to the Little Match Girl as the ecstatic image she sees before freezing to death. This is why it is so difficult for the game players to win her love. Almost impossible. But sometimes things can happen ... like true love...

Think of Cindy Crawford, the warrior woman of Tomb Raider. But in this scenario she is a lesbian, sometimes competing and other times cooperating with Ju...over the Little Match Girl. At first, she despises a real lesbian, she opposes to his every move, yet in time she begins to relate to him. Her mobility and agility level is excellent, yet she is easily distracted...her her striking power is inefficient...when she gains momentum, she is great...but when she lags, she is hopeless.

The Gang of Five
Under the banner of constructing the greatest form of organized crime, five muscles have come together as a team, one problem though is that none of them are that intelligent...They kidnap the Little Match Girl...and decide to gang rape her...until their boss appears out of nowhere and saves her, but this only the beginning of a series of failures. They waste most of their time at the fish cake shop. As game players, they are a disgrace...

The Fish Cake Man
He is the owner of the Fish Cake shop, he sells fish cakes and pig intestine sausages. But he also blackmarkets in firearms. A man of true abilities, there are rumors that he was under apprenticeship of Bangjang. At first, he is at the mercy of the gang of five...until he proves he is way above them...

OH Bee-ryun
The boss of the Bee-ryun Gang. His love for the little match girl drives him to murder GA Juno. He is despised by the little match girl, but continuously desires for her by kidnapping and imprisoning her, thinking this is his way of protecting her. He is the henchman of the System. He is protected by the System, and he provides loyal service in return. He tries to blame the System for GA Juno's death and this eventually brings about his death by the System Guards. He transmits a dangerous song.

The Rehab Center Men
They manage the 'House of Angels'...They are another group protected by the System...the range of their powers are actually quite enormous...wearing their uniforms, they kidnap the little match girl and imprisons her.

The System Guards
They are the private guards of the System...The vanguards...made up of the best men...a team for special missions, masters of martial arts, ace snipers etc. they are a group of terrorists with incredible powers. Yi is the middleman who is ordered to assassinate Ju. The leader, Scarface who resembles the Nazi leader , Goebbels. All street inspections and body searches are conducted by this group. Yi is shot to death by them.