A Better Tomorrow Soundtrack

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Director:Song Hae-Seong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Action, Drama
Release Date:Sep 16, 2010
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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* A Better Tomorrow By Chemistry
* Forgiveness By 김호경 (A.K.A. 테이)
* Road By 강성민
* Timeless Memory By 신혜성
* Hypocrisy By 정선연
* 어제와 다른 내일 (Yesterday, Tonight And Tomorrow) By 공보경
* Forgiveness (Inst)
* Road (Inst)
* Timeless Memory (Inst)
* Hypocrisy (Mr)
* 어제와 다른 내일 (Yesterday, Tonight And Tomorrow) (Mr)
About Better Tomorrow, A
Brothers stand against one another as enemies Hyuk (Joo Jin mo) and Chul (Kim Kang woo). The two brothers have been separated since childhood. Hyuk, the leder, has become the boss of a weapons smuggling gang. Chul has become a policeman. The two brothers, who had cared for each other like no others, confront each other and take aim at each other’s hearts.

Loyalty stronger than blood Hyuk and Young-chun (Song Seung Hun) share 10 years of friendship while leading the gang as the two aces. Their bond is damaged by rival gangster Tae-min (Jo Han-sun), who is fond of playing dirty.

Hyuk wants to escape the gang’s grip, Chul wants to get rid of the gangs altogether, Young-chun wants to reestablish himself. Through deep wounds and misunderstandings, their relationships are tangled together, and when Tae-min plots to take power they are set on a collision course with unexpected destinies.
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