Lee Eun-Mi Live 500th Commemoration Concert (2discs)
Lee Eun-Mee

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Product Information
Release Date:Sep 13, 2002
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Slip Case

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Product Details
Region Code: All, NTSC
Running Time: 271mins
Single Side, Dual Layer

Disc 1: Live Concert, Song Index, Multi Angle
Disc 2: Interview, Making, Gallery, Records, Profile

Special Features
- Concert
1) Long Play
2) Short Play
- Song Index
- Multi Angle (Bamangae, Ggilreggok, Sunflower)

1) 축제
2) 어떤 그리움
3) From A Distance
4) Hey Tonight
5) Born To Be Wild
6) Summer Time
7) 슬픈 인연
8) 기억 될꺼야
9) 밤안개 (멀티앵글)
10) 아빠의 청춘
11) 노란 샤쓰 입은 사나이
12) Oh! Donny Boy
13) Get Outta My Dream, Get into My Car
14) 서른 즈음에
15) 찔레꽃 (멀티앵글)
16) 안녕 또 다른 안녕
17) 시선
18) 그리움에 대하여
19) 사랑 밖엔 난 몰라
20) 사랑의 찬가
21) Sunflower (멀티앵글)
22) 비밀은 없어
23) 참을 만큼 참았어
24) 기억 속으로