Bad Man TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Bad Boy, Bad Guy, Bad Love
Director:Lee Hyung-Min
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jul 28, 2010
Publisher:Loen Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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* 가끔은 혼자 웁니다 - 김연우
* 가시꽃 - 정엽
* 고해요 (feat. Ben of Bebe Mignon) - 포맨
* 어디에 (Orchestra ver.) - 美 (미)
* 혼잣말 - 정엽
* 웃지마 울지마 - 포맨&장혜진
* 몰랐었어 - Yelocloc
* 웃지마 울지마 (male ver.) - 포맨
* 기다림은 상처만 남기고 - BMK
* 바보 - 백주영
* 슬픈여자 - 서윤
* 어디에 (Piano ver.) - 美 (미)
* Main Title
* Sub Title
* 회상
* 사랑하는 사람에게
* 아주 옛날에
* 흉터
* 향수
* Tatoo
* 스턴트맨
* Dogma
About Bad Man TV Series
Broadcast: May 26, 2010 ~ August 5, 2010
Episodes: 17

“In this world, there isn’t anything like love…
just hold onto the rope of salvation
and keep climbing up…”

A man whose pride burned by ambition, Gun-wook.
In his childhood, Gun-wook spent his time living as one of the heirs to the Haeshin Group and was considered an illegitimate son of the chairman. However, after results of a DNA testing prove that Gun-wook was not blood-related to the chairman, he is ruthlessly thrown out where he then begins to elaborately plot his revenge.

A bright and outspoken girl, Monet & a sophisticated woman, Tera… both meet Gun-wook.
Monet is a chirpy and naïve girl, who is the youngest daughter of the Haeshin Group family. Tera, the eldest daughter, silently accepts an arranged marriage in favor of the company’s welfare. During a yachting trip, Monet runs into Gun-wook who happened to make an emergency landing, while paragliding, into her yacht. Monet falls for Gun-wook at first sight, while Tera starts to worry about her. Unable to resist his fatal charm, Monet believes that they were destined to fall in love. However, Tera dismisses their affair as mere infatuation and tries to ignore Gun-wook.

The two sisters and Gun-wook later begin to develop a dangerous love triangle.

Jane (Han Ga In : Terms of endearment, Witch Yoo Hee, Super Rookie ), an ambitious girl who dreams of coming up in the world meets Gun-wook.
As a gallery curator, Jane prepares a special mask exhibition which is hosted by the chairman’s wife, Madame Shin. If only she could meet the chairman’s son, Tae-sung… If only she could marry him! While Jane seeks for an opportunity, she discovers Monet with another man who is not her fiancée. Without a doubt, she believes that this man is Tae-sung.

However it was all an illusion.

Monet cannot reveal her secret lover’s identity, Gun-wook and makes Jane believe he is Tae-sung.
Gun-wook fools Jane by pretending to be Tae-sung.
Gun-wook and Tae-sung, who share very similar characteristics, meet in a fated encounter.

Tae-sung has abandoned Sun-young…
Although he always received spotlight as successor to the Haeshin Group, Tae-sung grew up feeling unloved by his family. Tae-sung had loved Sun-young, who came from an orphanage, but later decided to split assuming that she would feel unhappy had they married. However, Sun-young became frustrated that she committed suicide. After Tae-sung learns of this, he leaves for Japan. Meanwhile, Gun-wook as a secretary for Tae-sung leaves for Japan happens to encounter Jane…