Ruler of Your Own World TV Series (3rd Line Butterfly) (2CD)
네 멋대로 해라

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Also Known As:To Order Love, Do As You Wish, Breathless
Director:Park Seong-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Aug 23, 2002
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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3rd Line Butterfly's first CD with the soundtrack of the TV series.

CD 1
01 좋아해도 되나요? (대사)
02 꿈꾸는 나비
03 미완성 밴드 1(대사)
04 걷기만 하네 (Byulli Vocal Version)
05 미래파 (대사)
06 초능력 (Hardguitar Remix)
07 난, 내 본능을 믿는다 (대사)
08 거울아 거울아 (Instrumental Version)
09 미완성 밴드 2(대사)
10 달콤쌉싸름 (Ivy Vocal Version)
11 그 사람이 너무나 심장에 깊이 박혀서 (대사)
12 맥주
13 그래도 하지마! (대사)
14 아빠와 슈만 (대사와 연주)
15 미친 슈만 / 영등포시장 (Effected Version)
16 꿈꾸는 나비 (Instrumental Version)

CD 2
01 말해줘봐 <3호선 버터플라이 1집 "Self-Titled Obsession">
02 별을 안았다
03 Coming Out
04 걷기만 하네
05 방파제
06 거울아 거울아
07 꿈꾸는 나비
08 회전문
09 비단사슴
10 Ice Cube
11 창틀위로 정오같은
12 울음고래
About Ruler of Your Own World TV Series
Written by the award winning In Jung-Ok and directed by Bahc Songsu, Ruler of Your Own World breaks free from the stereotypical K-drama script and injects an unparalleled reality into both the characters and story. This isn't like your typical K-Drama, with high-class people in melodramatic fantasy situations. It may borrow a few overused plot devices from many a K-drama, but Ruler of Your Own World spins everything into an enthralling, unique experience. Critics unanimously praised Ruler of Your Own World for its cast, story, writer, director, and music - a feat nearly unheard of for any K-drama!

Ko Bok-Su’s (Yang Dong-Geun) life is a mess. After a difficult childhood and time in prison, fate leads him to Chun Kyung (Lee Na-Young of Who R U? and Please Teach Me English). Bok-Su steals her wallet, but the chain reaction that follows from the act is both unpredictable and unforgettable. Ko Bok-Su embarks on a journey that ultimately touches the lives of all those around him, and will inspire and surprise even the most jaded K-drama fan! Since it's airing in 2002, Ruler of Your Own World has amassed one of the largest and most loyal fan bases of any recent Korean TV drama mini-series.