Dangun Wanggeom: Founder of the First Korean Kingdom
Seoul Selection

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Release Date:Dec 22, 2008
Publisher:Seoul Selection
Product Made In:South Korea
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Written by Chung Chulheon
Drawing by Kim Seongmin
Translated by Christian J. Park

Pages: 34
Size: 288*246mm
ISBN: 9788991913509

Dangun Wanggeom: Founder of the First Korean Kingdom is a book in a series for children produced by the Academy of Korean Studies and dedicated to important figures of history and legend.

The book is based on an original story from the Samgukyusa (Memoirs of the Three Kingdoms) by Iryeon. The story tells of the founding of Old Joseon, the first kingdom of Korea, in a friendly and easy manner and is full of beautiful illustrations for children.

The book also contains the famous story of Ungnyeo, a bear who endured all of the hardships to become a human. All details of the story have been proofread and edited by the Academy of Korean Studies, and the authenticity of the story is guaranteed.

This book also includes a brief section introducing South Korea, which can help foreigners develop a better understanding of Korea.

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