A Tribute to Shin Jung-Hyun (2CD)
Shin Jung-Hyun and Various Artists

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Product Information
Release Date:Feb 12, 1997
Publisher:Seoul Records
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Product Details
01. 바람
02. 꽃잎
03. 이제 그만 가보자
04. 꽃잎
05. 미련
06. 즐거워
07. 미인
08. 봄비
09. 햇님
10. 잊어야 한다면
11. 나뭇잎이 떨어져서
12. 석양
13. 봄
14. 빗 속의 여인
15. 너만 보면
16. 아름다운 강산

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