Bus Stop Soundtrack (music by Lucid Fall)
버스, 정류장

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Also Known As:Bus Stop, L'Abri, Lover's Refuge
Director:Lee Mi-Yeon(b)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Release Date:Feb 08, 2002
Publisher:Dream Beat
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 그대 손으로(Intro)
2. 머물다(재섭 Theme)
3. 누구도 일러주지 않았네(소희 Theme)
4. Sur Le Quai
5. 섬
6. 세상은
7. 장난스럽게, 혹은 포근하게
8. Why Do I Need Feet When I Have Wings To Fly?
9. Drifting
10. 내 방은 눈물로 물들고
11. 그대 손으로(Main Theme)
12. 약속된 사랑
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