Winter Sonata TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Endless Love 2, Winter Love Song
Director:Yun Seok-Ho
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Romance
Release Date:Feb 01, 2002
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 처음부터 지금까지 (류)
02 My Memory (류)
03 처음
04 그대만이 (류)
05 처음부터 지금까지(Instrumental)
06 My Memory(Piano & Violin Ver.)
07 보낼수 없는 사랑 (선)
08 시작
09 그대만이(Piano & Violin Ver.)
10 My Memory(Piano Ver.)
11 잊지마 (류)
12 기억속으로(Instrumental)
13 연인(Chinese Ver.)
14 제비꽃 (류)
15 그대만이(Piano Ver.)
16 처음(Piano Ver.)
17 제비꽃(Instrumental)
About Winter Sonata TV Series
Broadcast: Jan 14, 2002 ~ Mar 19, 2002
Episodes: 20

This TV series is constituted by 20 parts and each of them has the durability of 70mins.

From the producers of "A Tale of Autumn" (a.k.a. Endless Love) comes this sensational new TV Series, "Winter Song Of Love." If you love "A Tale of Autumn," you will love "Winter Song of Love."

Just like "A Tale of Autumn," this drama has been very popular in Korea. With this drama you can experience the sadness of losing a first love. In addition, the beautiful winter scenery is a must-see!

In this drama Joon Sang (Bae Yong Joon) voluntarily transfers to a new high school in search for his biological father. Yoo Jin (Choi Ji Woo) and Sang Hyuk (Park Yong Ha) have been good friends since they were children, but Sang Hyuk wants to be more than just her friend. But Yoo Jin falls for the mysterious Joon Sang instead and opens his heart. Just as their love was starting to grow, Joon Sang comes to the startling realization that his dad is not Sang Hyuk's dad, but is Yoo Jin's dad. Get this amazing story and find out what happens next!