Queen of Wives TV Series Soundtrack
내조의 여왕

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Also Known As:Queen of Housewives, My Wife is a Superwoman
Director:Go Dong-Seon, Kim Min-SIk
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Family, Comedy
Release Date:Apr 30, 2009
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Modern Life is War - Various Artisis
미안해 (feat. 대진) - True Child
가슴이 아파서 - 김송이
여우랍니다 - 이수영
사랑이야 - 차여울
시간이 흐르면 - 조은
내 남자라면 - 양은선
너에게 원한건 - 타이푼
라라라 - 얼스
Tonight - 얼스
그런 내가 될게 - 강신우
잊을 수 없다 - 시후
미안해 - 양은선
Hatch - Various Artisis
Lost - Various Artisis
Hopes and Fears - Various Artisis
Husband and Wife - Various Artisis
About Queen of Wives TV Series
Broadcast: March 16, 2009 ~ May 19, 2009
Total 20 episodes

A bittersweet success story of a man whose wife does everything she can to help her husband get a leg up in society so that she can also reap the rewards from his success and become a glamorous housewife. But what is the real reason that drives her and her female friends to obsess about success?

A modern-day Cinderella who wasn't able to nab a knight in shining armor! Here we have one woman who pours all her energy into making her husband a success in society. Another woman who is like a servant gets her hands on the glass slipper, which fits! Then there's the woman who steps on a princess with the stiletto heel of her shoe. The realities of women's social clubs. The power of their husbands determines the pecking order of their wives' status in society. A real princess who has all the material things in life that she could ever want but remains unhappy! And a woman who wants to be loved.