Woman in Apartment  (1969)
아파트의 여인
Starring: Shin Seong-Il, Mun Hee, Choi Nam-Hyeon
Director:Lee Seong-Gu
Production:Tae Chang Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Woman in Apartment
Kyeong-Suk is on immoral relationship with an old chairman of a conglomerate. On day, she encounters traffic accidents on her driving and is rescued by a truck driver Jun-Kil. Once they get familiar with each other, Jun-Kil confesses his identity. In fact, the very day when she met the accident, he was on his way of running away after killed his wife's paramour. Kyeong-Suk hides him in her apartment and comes to learn the meaning of true love through the passionate love with him. One day when Kyeong-Suk returns to her hometown for a while at the news of mother's death, Jun-Kil gives himself to the police leaving a note saying that he loved her from the heart.

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