Bring It On, Ghost TV Series  (2016)
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Also Known As: Lets Fight, Ghost
Starring: Taek Yeon, Kim So-Hyun(a), Kwon Yul(a)
Director:Park Jun-Hwa
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Country:South Korea

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About Bring It On, Ghost TV Series
Broadcast: 2016.7.11~8.30
Episodes: 16

Hyun-Ji (Kim So-Hyun) studied for most her life before she died at the age of 19. She is now a ghost and has wandered around the world for several years. Hyun-Ji then meets exorcist Park Bong-Pal (TaecYeon). Hyun-Ji and Bong-Pal listens to various stories from ghosts and sends them to the otherworld.
They became an unlikely team. Park Bong Pal (Taecyeon) is a college student who has always had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. To make extra money, he hires himself out as an exorcist who helps people vanquish the ghosts haunting them, with only about a 50-50 success rate. He crosses paths with Kim Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun), the ghost of a 19-year-old student who died in a car accident but has been wandering the Earth for five years because she is unable to move on to the afterlife. When Bong Pal and Hyun Ji first meet, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly. But more importantly, Hyun Ji knows that Bong Pal holds the key to her past so she decides to move in with him

With her ability to see how ghosts died, Hyun Ji teams up with Bong Pal to help ghosts cross over into the next world. But what secrets does Joo Hye Sung (Kwon Yool), a professor at Bong Pals university, hold to both Bong Pal and Hyun Jis predicaments?

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