Night Sky in Tokyo, A  (1970)
Starring: Shin Seong-Il, Kim Ji-Mi(a), Nam Jeong-Im
Director:Lee Seong-Gu
Production:Tae Chang Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Night Sky in Tokyo, A
Twin sisters, Suk-Ja and Suk-Hyang, succeed in their career as a singer with the help of a song writer, Mun-Young who is a lover of Suk-Ja. The twins get to perform in Japan, which was prepared by reporter Shin who is a boyfriend of Suk-Hyang. Their recital wins a huge success, but then some woman who says she is their real mother, appears before them. The twin singers don't know what they should do, but finally decide to live with their foster mother who has taken care of them for the past 20 years.

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